The HeadCap is a storage capacitor used to stabilise the power directly at the head unit. It should be installed in the direct vicinity of the head unit, using the DIN connection cable set provided.
Even if your head unit doesn't have integrated power stages installing a HeadCap will bring a significant improvement in sound quality by ensuring ideal power conditions for signal processing in the head unit. The result is a much smoother and more clearly delineated sound, with more powerful and clearer basses. A small investment for such an impressive result.


Storage capacitor 68.000 µF
50 mm
165 mm


HeadCap Wiring Diagram



If you opt to install the HeadCap without an adapter cable please make sure that the diode integrated in the positive lead is built into the circuit. This diode works together with the HeadCap to suppress dips in the vehicle's power supply. It must be connected between the positive lead from the vehicle battery and the head unit.